Heat Dissipation System

Thermal management has always been a major challenge in industrial system design.

With the development of integration and microelectronic packaging technology, the total power density of electronic components is increasing, but the physical size of electronic components and equipment tends to miniaturization. It leads to the increase of heat flux density around the integrated devices, which affects the performance and safety of electronic components and devices.


Here, we require a more efficient and reliable cooling solution to improve it.

Consumer Eletronics
Provided efficient, silent cooling solutions

With the rapid development of information and communication technology, consumers’ demands for digital products are becoming more and more diversified, which puts forward higher demands on the change of consumer electronic products—in the product development cycle, every product must be designed to be faster, smaller and less costly than the previous generation.

LED Commercial lighting
Providing industry-leading LED cooling kit

With the dramatic decline in the cost, LED lighting devices are replacing traditional lighting systems rapidly.

LED is the most energy-efficient lighting device currently, its low power consumption and long life characteristics have overwhelming advantages.

However, in the field of high-power illumination, the dense arrangement of LED chips causes excessive heat density which will cause irreversible damage to the LED.

We offers industry-leading cooling kits and luminaire customization services, including the use of heat pipe technology in the heat conduction design.

IDC Data Center and Cloud Computing Center
Provide innovative design, compact design and professional thermal solutions

IDC centers and cloud computing centers require thermal management solutions that are compact, easy to maintain, and have linkage protection mechanisms.

The powerful processing capabilities of Internet data centers and cloud computing centers provide extensive support for social media, research, and e-commerce applications. PCcooler provides a compact design and professional cooling solution. The distributed thermal management system provides thermal redundancy for server cluster maintenance and provides early warning of system maintenance. Thereinto, it includes high-performance axial fans, heat exchangers and radiators, as well as liquid cooling solutions.

Medical Equipment Cooling
Provide a stable and efficient complete cooling solution

The heat dissipation requirements in medical and rehabilitation equipment are special, medical systems continue to pursue smaller, lighter, and more portable, and some systems increase power requirements and reliability requirements. 


For example, the design of a passive cooling system in an isolated area, using heat pipe conduction, can meet the need for spatial isolation and avoidance of contamination in different areas of the equipment. Using liquid cooling circuit cooling (pumping system) at high power requirements, we provides a complete cooling solution for the industry.

Generating Set and Transportation
Reliable, innovative, high-performance and design-intensive advanced cooling solutions

The increasing use of more efficient and environmentally friendly methods has also led to a higher power density of electrons and batteries, which in turn generates more heat and thermal density.This requires reliable, innovative, high-performance and design-intensive advanced cooling solutions for insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT), traction systems, power converters and inverters, chargers and high-performance lithium batteries.

Aerospace and Military Testing Equipment
Technology-leading cooling solution

In modern aerospace and military engineering, electronic systems are one of the important systems. Due to the complexity of aerospace equipment and military test equipment, there are special requirements for the temperature of electronic systems. Faster and better dissipating the heat of electronic equipment is the key to ensuring the safe and reliable operation of aerospace and military test equipment.

Consumer Eletronics Consumer Eletronics
LED Commercial lighting LED Commercial lighting
IDC Data Center and Cloud Computing Center IDC Data Center and Cloud Computing Center
Medical Equipment Cooling Medical Equipment Cooling
Generating Set and Transportation Generating Set and Transportation
Aerospace and Military Testing Equipment Aerospace and Military Testing Equipment
  • Cooling Thermal Module for Mobile Phones

    When the mobile phone performs large calculations, it quickly cools down the core components, ensures the stable operation of the system.

  • Computer Cooling

    Reasonable and efficient heat dissipation can ensure stable operation of CPU and GPU.

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  • Medical System Radiator

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